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New Model Army live in Orebro 1990 - 2CD - March 19

New Model Army - Orebro (Sweden), Kulturhuset 19 March 1990

SOURCE: Audience




Justin SUllivan - Lead vocals, guitar
Robert Heaton - Drums, backing vocals
Nelson - Bass, backing vocals
Ed Alleyne Johnson - Electric violin, keyboards
Adrian Portas - guitar


Good to very good audience. Muddy recording. MY COUNTRY has a cut in the middle due to a tape flip and BETCHA cuts off before the end.

The show starts with a solo violin set by Ed Alleyne Johnson, which leads directly into the main show as the rest of the band
comes on stage without another break.

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Motorhead live in Neumunster 1981 - 1CD - December 3

Holstenhallen, Neum√ľnster, Germany

1 CD (58:06 min)

01 Ace Of Spades
02 Stay Clean
03 Over The Top
04 The Hammer
05 Shoot You In The Back
06 Metropolis
07 Jailbait
08 Leaving Here
09 Fire Fire
10 Capricorn
11 Too Late, Too Late
12 We Are The Road Crew
13 No Class
14 Bite The Bullet
15 The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
16 Overkill

Lemmy: Bass/Vocals
Philthy: Drums
Fast Eddie: Guitar/Back Up Vocals

I Believe this recording is incomplete and it's missing Bomber and Motorhead.

I'd rate this 8- out of 10, a decent recording.

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Lou Reed "1976 interview compilation" - 2CD

LOU REED 1976 interview compilation NO MUSIC CONTENT

A nice selection of radio interviews from 1976. Varying quality, but all very listenable with Lou in really fine and highly entertaining form. I've tried to date them as accurately as I can but if you know differently please let me know!

I've edited out the "officially released" material which was aired during these interviews

Disc 1
D101: Lou talks 1976-02 (?) CHUM FM Toronto Canada "Coney Island Baby" promotional interview 25.22
D102: Lou talks 1976-06 (?) Radio JJ FM Sydney Australia journalist's interview 7.09
D103: Lou talks 1976-11-01 WMMR FM Philadelphia USA "Rock And Roll Heart" promotional interview 17.55

Disc 2
D201: Lou talks 1976-11-15 Radio JJ FM Sydney Australia telephone interview 18.44
D202: Lou talks 1976-11 (?) KMET FM Los Angeles USA "Rock And Roll Heart" promotional interview by Mike Harrison 37.58

lineage: various trade cassettes - Pioneer CT-S670D player - wav - flac (level 8) - mp3
(Radio JJ material from their archive)


Lou Reed "1970s interview compilation" - 1CD

LOU REED 1970s interview compilation NO MUSIC CONTENT

QUALITY WARNING: some of these are very poor quality

A selection of interview from the 1970s. All dates are as accurate as I can determine them and sources are as listed. It should all fit on to a single CD if that's your fancy.

Some real nuggets here!

01: 1972-01 BBC Radio London interview 9.59
02: 1972-09-26  BBC TV Old Grey Whistle Test interview by "whispering" Bob Harris, London 7.56
03: 1973-03 "Vibrations From The United States Air Force" interview* 6.21
04: 1973 "Alison's Tea House" interview by Alison Steele** 3.04
05: 1973-05 "The Electric Tongue" interview by Martin Perlich, KMET FM Los Angeles. USA 22.15
06: 1974-05-14 interview 1, Stockholm, Sweden 2.26
07: 1974-05-14 interview 2, Stockholm, Sweden*** 0.34
08: 1977-03-22 journalist's interview, Stockholm, Sweden 6.14
09: 1977-04-28 Capital Radio interview, London, England 5.18
10: 1978-05 WPIX FM guest DJ, New York 2.35
11: 1979-05-27 WPIX FM Lou takes phone calls 6.29

I've tried to sympathetically edit out any "officially released" material which was aired during these interviews.

lineage: various trade cassettes - Pioneer CT-S670D player - wav - flac (level 8) - mp3

EXCEPT the following, which were lifted directly from the original vinyl using my cheap turntable:

* Vibrations From The Uinted States Air Force, Series #8, Program 3 (side 3 of a 2LP set) USA, March 1973
** Alison's Tea House LP, Chelsea Productions DM 68487 USA, 1973
*** Whatever Happened to Dick and Steve?, Stoned Records Sweden, 1977


Lou Reed live in Bonn 2012 - 2CD - June 29 - remaster

Lou Reed
Kunst!rasen, Bonn, Germany
June - 29 - 2012

Remaster of a recording by emmanuel.

Running time: 96'
brandenburg gate
i'm waiting for the man
senselessly cruel
the view
mistress dread
street hassle
think it over
walk on the wild side
sad song
junior dad
beginning to see the light
sweet jane
note : small cut in the first song, and mic setup noises.

Remaster processing:

flac files -> Magix Audio & Music Lab -> remaster/edit -> flac 44,1 kHz/16 bit -> Dime
Ex sounding recording after some EQ was done: mainly bass lowered, treble lifted. Sound level adjusted, audience noise calmed down between songs.

Besides the great sound the concert also is pretty good. Of course Lou had seen better times and at some passages (especially during I'm Waiting For The Man) he seems to miss his entry (he got help from Allison Weiss) but especially the slow songs are very intense, if nothing else by the support of the great backing band. The band had to master a balancing act from contemplative ballads to more up tempo early Velvet pieces to the brachial Heavy Metal tracks of Lulu.
Particularly Tony Diodore contributes some great passages with his violin. Mainly during Heroin an almost magic atmosphere is created, and this is intensified by the great sound of this recording. Anyway I prefer good audience recordings to soundboards because they have a better "live feeling".
A number of photos, a copy of the ticket stub and some artwork I made are attached.

Setlist (length: 119:55 min)

01 Brandenburg Gate (small cut at 2:19)
02 Heroin
03 I'm Waiting For The Man
04 Senselessly Cruel
05 The View
06 Mistress Dread
07 Street Hassle
08 Cremation
09Think It Over
10 Walk On The Wild Side
11 Sad Song
12 Junior Dad
13 band introduction
14 encore call
15 Beginning To See The Light
16 Sweet Jane


Lou Reed: Vocals, Guitar
Rob Wasserman: Bass
Aram Bajakian: Guitar
Tony Diodore: Violin, Guitar
Tony „Thunder“Smith: Drums
Ulrich Krieger: Saxophone
Sarth Calhoun: Electronics
Allison Weiss: Background Vocals
Kevin Hearn: Keyboards

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Lou Reed live in New York 2005 - 2CD - April 5

Lou Reed
April 5, 2005
Crobar, New York City, USA

Very sweet show.

SQ:  Almost excellent, I rate it "A-".

Recorded by TA

Artwork included; many thanks to G. The Cock for creating the very cool artwork, I love it!

Disc One  55:36
1  Adventurer  7:12
2  The Proposition  4:06
3  My House  5:35
4  Ecstasy  12:07
5  Guilty  5:30
6  Mad  6:10
7  Talking Book  5:32
8  Slip Away  4:05
9  Charley's Girl  5:18

Disc Two  54:23
1  Burning Embers  6:12
2  Halloween Parade  5:11
3  Change  5:45
4  Vanishing Act  5:50
5  Why Do You Talk?  6:00
6  Guardian Angel  6:12
7  The Blue Mask  13:05
8  Perfect Day  6:03

Total:  109:59
Size:  450MB

Lou Reed: guitar & vocals, bass on "Guilty"
Mike Rathke: guitar
Fernando Saunders: bass & vocals, guitar on "Guilty"
Jane Scarpantoni: cello
Tony "Thunder" Smith: drums

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Lou Reed live in Berlin 2000 - 2CD - April 26

Columbiahalle, Berlin; Germany
April - 26 - 2000

from MILAVALENTI collection # 084

Recording equipment unknown

Ex- sound after some EQ. Sound level adjusted.

Great show in exceptional sound. The show was on dime before but I don't know if from the same source.
A copy of the poster of the show is attached.

Setlist (135:29 min.):

01 audience
02 Paranoia Key Of E
03 Turn To Me
04 Modern Dance
05 Ecstasy
06 Small Town
07 Future Farmers Of America
08 Turning Time Around
09 Romeo Had Juliette
10 Riptide
11 Rock Minuet
12 Mystic Child
13 Mad
14 The Last Shot
15 Tatters
16 Set The Twilight Reeling
17 Dime Store Mystery (stopped by PA failure)
18 Dirty Blvd.
19 The Blue Mask
20 Sweet Jane
21 Vicious


LOU REED - voc, guitar

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